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I’m Dave Venturini, the proud owner of Moving Pictures LLC. I look forward to sharing my story. I hope that you will enjoy getting to know me better.

I have always had a creative mind, and this led to a career in television. After four years of gaining experience and learning a ton, I decided to branch out and start my own company as I could feel the creativity bursting out and wanted to share this with the world.

Moving Pictures LLC was established twenty-three years ago, and we have been creating films and commercials for corporate companies around the globe while staying true to our craft and ahead in terms of technology.

I love turning a concept from my client into fruition. My business philosophy is to exceed expectations. We are a small company that does impressive things!

Why I’ve been successful

As an individual, what sets me apart is I insist on keeping my client happy and performing at my best at all times. I attribute my success to my work ethic and attitude, which ensures I give every project my best.

Getting emails from clients saying how much they love what we have done for them has given me immense satisfaction over the years.

During my downtime

I have a few different hobbies and interests when I am not at work. However, quality time with family and friends is what I value most.

If you or someone you know could benefit from my video production expertise in Westchester, New York, I invite you to get in touch. Moving Pictures LLC is a film, video, and audiovisual company located in the tri-state area that offers a multitude of film, video, and production support. Having over a decade of experience, we can help craft a video or concept that conveys your message to your audience. Please feel free to call me on my cell at 
(914) 403-4123 and my office at (914) 479-0400 or email me at